Friday, July 22, 2011

Trent Rock,The Perpetual Music Track and His Musical Hallucinations (A Novel)

Musical hallucination: A form of auditory hallucination in which music is heard, often the same piece of music. In most cases the music is familiar to the person.

The perpetual music track is a new concept that describes a
condition of constant or near-constant musical imagery. This condition
appears to be very rare even among composers and musicians. I
present here a detailed self-analysis of musical imagery for the purpose
of defining the psychological features of a perpetual music track.
I have music running through my head almost constantly during waking
hours, consisting of a combination of recently-heard pieces and
distant pieces that spontaneously pop into the head. Imagery consists
mainly of short musical fragments that get looped repeatedly upon
themselves. Corporeal manifestations of imagery occur in the form of
unconscious finger movements whose patterns correspond to the
melodic contour of the imagined piece. Musical dreams occur every
week or two, and contain a combination of familiar and originallycomposed
music. These results are discussed in light of theories of
imagery, consciousness, hallucination, obsessive cognition, and most
especially the notion that acoustic consciousness can be split into
multiple parallel streams.

The Perpetual Music Track :The Phenomenon of Constant Musical Imagery by Steven Brown

Musical Hallucinations: Causes, Conditions and Treatment

The psychopathology of musical hallucinations

Imagine a world in which you had a song playing non-stop in your head and there was no way to stop it. Your brain was constantly in listening mode and the music in your head was always on full volume. This is what it would be like to suffer from music hallucinations. It is normal to hear an occasional song in your head, but generally it eventually goes away because the brain is bombarded with numerous other signals and stimuli that we are able to focus on instead. Music hallucinations occur when a set of neurons in the brain begin to misfire and patients feel as though they are always hearing music, even though in reality there is nothing playing. There is no other symptom of music hallucination and studies have shown that music hallucination tends to be the only psychosis problem in patients, the main concern being that these hallucinations are very annoying.

Brain tortures humans with music hallucinations

"People will all of a sudden start hearing a song, such as Yes! We Have No Bananas,"

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